Digital Exhibition - Past meets Present

What does it mean to live in the neighbourhood of a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Vergangenheit trifft Gegenwart - past meets present - shows films of people and their stories about their lives at and with the Haithabu and Danevirke World Heritage Site. Via an app relations are created and knowledge is imparted in a playful way.

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Digital 3D application

Visitors can take an impressive virtual stroll through the World Heritage Site. Under the motto #vikingwalks, you can discover the routes of the Vikings, their tools and weapons as well as other archaeological finds that were excavated at the World Heritage Site Hedeby and the Danevirke. Moreover, you have the opportunity to experience the historical stages of the mighty defence rampart of the Danevirke and see Valdemar’s Wall in its original splendour.

This is how history is brought back to life:#vikingwalks

360° walkthrough of the World Heritage Site

Back in the present, you can digitally visit the World Heritage Site Hedeby and the Danevirke, allowing you to virtually experience some spots of the World Heritage Site and exhibition rooms of the museums.

Exciting information about history, reconstruction and archaeology is waiting for you: 360° walkthrough


Archaeology Blog on the Haithabu and Danevirke World Heritage Site

Follow the current archaeological investigations at the Danewerk!

Together with the Danevirke Museum, the Schleswig-Holstein State Archaeological Office will provide regular information on the progress of the excavation campaign at the fortification wall and present the latest finds in the excavation blog: #grabungsblog