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The World Heritage Site Hedeby and the Danevirke is situated in the north of Schleswig-Holstein in the two districts of Schleswig-Flensburg and Rendsburg-Eckernförde. Taking the A7 motorway is a good idea if you are coming from far away.

You are interested in visiting the World Heritage Site Hedeby and the Danevirke? We look forward to welcoming you! The World Heritage Site spans across a large area from Hollingstedt to Windeby/Kochendorf and there are various (smaller and larger) starting points for a visit.

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Travelling to the museums

If you would like to include a museum visit into your trip, it is best to travel directly to one of the museum locations, where you will usually also find a parking space.

Danevirke Museum &
Archeological Park
Viking Museum Haithabu
Ochsenweg 5
24867 Dannewerk
04621 378 14
Am Haddebyer Noor 3
24866 Busdorf
04621 813122

Travel options

1Travelling by car

Arrival from the south: Please use the freeway A7 direction Flensburg and leave it at the exit Schleswig/Jagel. Then follow the connected federal roads to the Danewerk west and to Haithabu east of the highway. Follow the signs.

Arrival from the north: Please use the freeway A7 direction Hamburg and leave it at the exit Schleswig/Schuby or Schleswig/Jagel. The Danewerk is located west and Haithabu east of the highway. Follow the signs.

2Travelling by rail

The easiest way to reach our region by rail is travelling to Schleswig, Rieseby or Süderbrarup, from where you can continue your journey by hiring a car, bicycle, taxi or even by boat.

Travelling to the railway station in Schleswig is a good idea if you would like to spend your holiday directly in Schleswig or in the greater Schleswig area. Choosing the railway station in Süderbrarup is recommended if you wish to stay in one of the villages near the Schlei or in Kappeln. The railway station in Rieseby is the best choice for the holiday region Schwansen, Damp and the surrounding area.
3Travelling by bus

FLIX Bus offers connections to Schleswig from:

  • from Cologne
  • from Berlin
  • from Hamburg
  • or also several Danish cities

You would like to check out the bus connections directly at FLIX Bus? Click here (link to

Please bear in mind that the buses in our rural regions have irregular schedules and using them can sometimes be quite complicated. Therefore, it is advisable to find out about the bus connections in advance when planning your trip.

Our tourist information points

You wish to learn more about the region around the World Heritage Site? Then drop by at one of our tourist information points in Schleswig, Kappeln or Tarp. We will be happy to help you with all holiday matters. If you have any further questions about having a holiday in our region, please visit our regional tourist websites ( and