The World Heritage Management

World Heritage Management represents the overarching organisation, coordination and management of the activities and actions surrounding the site (Site Management ) of Haithabu and Danevirke. It is the interface between the actors and activities in the fields of conservation, research, outreach & education, marketing and regional and tourism development. The basis is the Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) of the Haithabu and Danevirke UNESCO World Heritage Site and the associated Management Plan.

Site management runs inter-agency and is staffed and institutionally composed of the:

The Management Plan

The 2020-2030 Management Plan for the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hedeby and Danevirke was updated in 2020 with the involvement of numerous regional stakeholders. It is designed as a control and administrative tool to ensure the long-term preservation of the monuments while promoting developments that allow the surrounding areas to benefit from the monuments. It involves municipalities and districts as well as authorities and organisations.

The Management Plan is available under the following link:
Download the Management Plan

You can also find a number of other fundamental documents on the website of the State Archaeology Department of Schleswig-Holstein.