ELLINGSTEDT - a medieval rest stop?

In excavations near Ellingstedt archaeologists discovered a small settlement and evidence of a medieval and possibly Viking Age road. Here, protected by the Danevirke, a trade route probably followed its path between the “North Sea port” of Hollingstedt and the important “Baltic” commercial towns of Hedeby and later Schleswig. This route meant that merchants could avoid the long and dangerous voyage around the northern tip of Denmark. Goods were transported overland in wagons between Hedeby and Hollingstedt.
The archaeologists found the remains of houses where manufacturing took place. Metal finds tell us something of the everyday lives of the inhabitants. These finds include such things as cloak pins, metal fittings from horse-bridles, Arabian coins, a chest key, and a sword pommel. Was this site maybe a rest stop or a customs station on the way from Hedeby to Hollingstedt?

Funde des Siedlungsplatzes

Finds from the settlement site.