Welcome to Hedeby!


This is the site of one of the most signifi cant Viking Age settlements in Northern Europe. From the 9th to the mid 11th century, Hedeby was a fl ourishing early medieval trading centre. People from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds met within its massive semi-circular rampart to trade goods from the whole of the known world of that time. Craftspeople such as bead-makers, blacksmiths and bronze casters settled here.
The place provided good opportunities for marketing their produce. Its favourable location on the major trade route from north to south on the ancient “Ochsenweg” and from east to west across the Schleswig isthmus made Hedeby a hub for early medieval trading. At times, up to 2000 people lived here. Hedeby was a town with noticeable signs of innovation and change. It was here that the Christian mission gained a foothold. In the 2nd half of the 11th century, it became less important when the newly founded town of Schleswig on the opposite bank of the Schlei took over its role as key trading centre.

Zeichnung Haithabu

Drawing of Hedeby