You are standing on the rampart of the Viking Age commercial settlement and port of Hedeby. In the 2nd half of the 10th century, Danish King Harald Bluetooth built this massive semi-circular rampart in order to defend his town. On his order, the Connection Wall between Hedeby and the Danevirke was built soon afterwards.
Hedeby was a densely built-up area. The town centre is thought to have been located on the site of the present reconstructed buildings. Parallel to the bank there was a wood plank road with paths branching off towards the water. These led to the harbour jetties, which also served as a market place. In the northwest of the settlement there were numerous workshops for various crafts. Production waste, such as iron slag and glass, has provided evidence of these. In the southwest there was a large cemetery.

Karte Haithabu

Map of Hedeby with indications of findings and structures