the key section of the fortifications: the main wall

You are standing in part of the Danevirke’s Main Wall, where the rampart has been removed. The Main Wall is the key part and forms the main line of the fortifications in the system of ramparts, which were repeatedly extended and modified. Various construction phases are recognisable inside the earthwork, such as reinforcement with fieldstones or the brickwork of “Valdemar’s Wall”.
Danish kings also used the Danevirke as a show of power. Only a large and very well organised workforce could construct such a massive monument. It served as a defence for the Danes against territorial claims by Frankish and German rulers. At the same time the Danevirke separated the heathen North from Christian Western Europe. Danish King Harald Bluetooth then established Christianity in his kingdom in ca. 960. This achievement was recorded in the carvings on the large Jelling rune stone.
Danish soldiers once more made use of the Danevirke in the German-Danish war of 1864.

Schnitt Danewerk

Cross-section of Danevirke. A Ditch on south; B Valdemar’s Wall (after 1170);C Fieldstone wall (737); D Timbers built into rampart (source: Kornerup 1861).