The East DANEvirke

The hedge bank opposite is the remains of the “East Wall”. It stretches as far as Windeby Noor. There, the Danevirke reaches its easternmost point. The East Wall starts in the impenetrable Osterbek river valley near the south bank of the Schlei. It then runs southeast for 4 km via Kochendorf. In this way, the natural barriers were skilfully incorporated in the construction plan.
The western part of the Danevirke runs from Hollingstedt on the river Treene to the Schlei. A narrow passage in the Schlei, where it might easily be crossed, was defended by an offshore structure. The East Wall protects the Schwansen peninsula on the south of the Schlei. Several Viking Age settlements were located in that area. A wooden palisade provided additional fortification on the western part of the East Wall. Its construction is similar to the 8th century North Wall of the Danevirke. The eastern part towards Windeby Noor was simply covered in turf and was accompanied by a ditch. Could this be one of the oldest parts of the Danevirke?

Rekonstruktion Soderwall

Reconstruction of turf rampart with ditch in front (source: Elsner 1992).