The “Thyraburg” fortress is located at a strategic corner point of the Danevirke. The site on a rectangular plateau lies at the end of the Main Wall and adjoins the now dried-up bed of Lake Danewerk. Can you see traces of the old lakeside in the fields? The skilful planning of the Danevirke incorporated the lake as a natural obstacle. The North Wall and the Connection Wall meet on the other side of the lake.
Near here, the construction of the Main Wall has been dated to 737 A.D., showing that it existed before the Viking Age. But the age of the fortress is unknown. It was later named after Queen Thyra Danebod. She was Harald Bluetooth’s mother and wife of Gorm, the Danish kings from Jelling. The mound was probably the site of some kind of fortress. A moat surrounded by a low rampart protected the fortress on its three landward sides. But no archaeological evidence from the Viking Age has been found here. The Thyraburg’s signifi cance for the Danevirke is still a mystery.

Digitales Geländemodell

Digital terrain model of Thyraburg fortress.