You are now standing on the Connection Wall. After the mid-10th century, Danish King Harald Bluetooth connected his important commercial centre of Hedeby to the Danevirke by building an additional rampart. On the king’s orders, the defences around Hedeby had recently been built. The Connection Wall fi lled the gap between Hedeby’s semi-circular rampart and the Main Wall. It runs from the Viking settlement to the low-lying wetlands of Lake Dannewerk, crossing a marshy valley on the way. In this way, natural obstacles were skilfully incorporated in the construction plan. The Connection Wall is now intersected by a major road. But at the time, the newly constructed rampart was simply built over an existing burial mound at this point. An older burial containing the remains of a coffi n, a sword and a knife was found in archaeo- logical excavations beneath the rampart.

Schwert und Messer

Single-edged sword (seax) and knife from grave beneath the Connection Wall.