Valdemar's Wall - "To Defend the Whole Kingdom"

This wall is almost 850 years old, making it the largest and one of the oldest brickwork structures in Northern Europe. King Valdemar the Great of Denmark had the wall built. This meant yet another phase of modernisation for the Danevirke. His intention was to defend the kingdom of Denmark from Slavic and Saxon raids. It was also a demonstration of his power aimed at the German king. The wall stretches westwards for 4 km. Today, most of it is concealed in the earthworks.
The inscription on Valdemar’s grave explains the particular signifi cance of the brick wall. It reads that the fortifications were built “to defend the whole kingdom”. A few decades later, the political situation changed at home and abroad. The Danevirke defences gradually lost their signifi cance for guarding the frontier. Further information in the Danevirke Museum!

Alter Ragnar

Old Ragnar standing guard at the Danevirke.