Place of knowledge

This is where the World Heritage knowledge is pooled for pupils, children and families, groups and interested persons from the region and all over the world.

Hedeby and the Danevirke have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 2018. The UNESCO is the UN organisation for education, science and culture. Therefore, all World Heritage Sites are places of education, knowledge and cultural participation. This is also the ambition of the World Heritage Site Hedeby and the Danevirke. World Heritage Sites belong to us all and are open to all people! To preserve, discover, study and to serve as cultural meeting places.

The World Heritage Site Hedeby and the Danevirke offers a varied educational programme along the monument: in the museums, in the municipalities, on the Internet, on the go, for schools and for you at home.

Educational mandate and education concept

Since 2019, the World Heritage Site has been working on developing a comprehensive education concept, which will be implemented starting in 2021. If you have any questions about the educational programme at the World Heritage Site, please contact the coordinator for World Heritage education at